The Job Shop Visual software allows visual planning of production. It is mainly oriented for application in factories, where the manufacture process is realized on multiple machines sequentially, according to various technological processes. The software visually represents the production schedule on each machine and facilitates optimization of this plan. To achieve this, efficient tools that allow for capacity conflict resolution in agreement with the needs of the user are implemented. This leads to more efficient use of machines and more transparent scheduling of tasks. A detailed and realistic schedule obtained in this way influences the handling of warehoused resources, optimization of material demand and other logistical processes. The program provides information on material consumption according to the proposed production plan. It allows for replanning based on finished (reported) tasks after realization in manufacture. It makes the estimate of possible start times of incoming jobs more accurate. Adhering to deadlines will be safer and more transparent.

Practical results show that the use of planning software increases productivity by 20-30% and lowers the ammount of warehoused material.
The introduction of Job Shop Visual can be a big help for factories where there is a need of multiple job handing with different production processes, including nonserial production. It is well-suited for engineering companies, where various products are produced in multiple machines, either sequentially or in parallel according to various. The program can be easily customized to any ERP system using the import and export module. For this purpose, it is necessary to integrate a small application tailored to specific requirements. * jobshop_5
video: Job Shop Visual Production Scheduling 2018-10-23